Lawn Mower Buyer's Guide

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Lawn Mower Buyer's Guide

Before you make any major investment, you want to take plenty of time to weigh all the options so you can decide what’s best for you. When it comes to lawn mowers, there are a plethora of models to choose from. However, each model offers something different and is geared toward specific tasks. Here at Evolution Ag, we’re here to help you narrow it down and decide which one will be right for your needs.

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Walk-Behind Vs. Zero-Turn Mowers

One of the most common choices is the walk-behind mower, which is sometimes referred to as a push mower. These models offer a good cutting width and are also able to cut through thick, long grass with ease. You’ll find that some models have the ability to turn clippings into mulch. Oftentimes, walk-behind lawn mowers are recommended for homeowners with a small yard that’s less than half an acre in size. Another noteworthy benefit is that these machines are easy to use and don’t have much of a learning curve. You can easily navigate around obstacles without having to get off the lawn mower.

There are some projects that require a bit more power. For example, if you’ve got a lawn that’s more than one acre in size, you’re going to want to consider a zero turn mower. These models are also referred to as riding mowers. These machines are famous for saving valuable time in the mowing process. As the name indicates, these machines are capable of executing turns with an effective radius of zero. This means that you can easily turn after finishing one pass and line it up perfectly for the next pass. They’re easy to handle, relatively maneuverable, and extremely productive. It doesn’t hurt that you’ll be able to cut closely around shrubs, bushes, flowerbeds, and so on. This means you can save the money you might otherwise spend on a weed whacker.

Gas Vs. Electric Models

Another important choice you’ll need to make is whether you want to invest in a gas or electric lawn mower. The gas-powered models provide a longer running time and more power than their electric counterpart. When it comes to the electric models, you can choose between corded and cordless models. They’re cleaner and easier to operate than the gas models. Remember that you’ll always need to have batteries on hand and you can run out of power in the middle of a job with an electric lawn mower. Corded models can limit your ability to move freely, which can be an issue at times.

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